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Admin Event Update

Use this online form to update an event on the Oseh Shalom calender. 
Identify the parts of the form that have changed.
  • Fields that frequently changed are provided as separate fields.
  • All other changes should be described in the comment box.
  • Room set-up design and Marketing materials (flyer, etc) can be uploaded, also.
Oseh member, when you login at top right, shulcloud will fill in parts of the form for you.

Event References
These references include the room setup form and Oseh Shalom policies. For events held inside Oseh Shalom, a room set up form is required.
The first name of the person making the changes.
The last name of the person making the changes
Provide the current date of the Event that is being updated.
Enter the name of your event as it appears on the Oseh Calendar. 
Choose all the parts of the event in which changes are needed..
Enter the new name of your event. The name must be 30 characters or less.
Modify the description of your event.  The description must be 50 words or less. This text is used to promote your event.
You can upload a maximum of 2 files.
Optional field that allows you to provide one or two files that support your event, like an advertising flyer, jpeg photo, or a room set-up plan.
First name of event contact person
Last name
Preferred phone number

Time that the sponsors will arrive to set up
Time that the sponsors expect to finish cleaning up.

Explain the changes to your event that are not covered by the individual fields.
Maximum comment is 2000 characters (spaces and punctuation count as a character).
Wed, April 17 2024 9 Nisan 5784