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Sacred Grounds Pledge Form

Congregants planting native plants as part of NWF Sacred Grounds

When you pledge to plant native plants in your yard and personal space, the Sacred Grounds team will provide you with some plants to get you started. The plants are provided by the National Wildlife Federation Sacred Grounds program. We're aiming to recruit 40 member units—will you be one of them?

Our faith calls on us to nurture creation. Our local waterways are part of that—they are where we play and a source of sustenance for birds, frogs, fish, and butterflies. Our actions can protect other people downstream from pollution and flooding.

Thank you for participating in a grassroots effort to protect the waterways, wildlife and environment that we love and enjoy!


Linda Solomon and Sue Burger

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Your address allows us to know where native plants are being planted.
Plant Give-away day is part of Planting Hope: Native Plant Pick Up Day.
The Oseh Shalom Sacred Grounds team will give away native plants on May 1, 2022 during the Lag B'Omer festivities.
We are looking for volunteers that can assist other members with planting native plants at their homes.
And we will need volunteers to help plant at Oseh Shalom.
The National Wildlife Federation will recognize it as a Certified Wildlife Habitat when you explain how your yard or garden is a habitat for local birds, butterflies, and other wildlife.
The National Wildlife Federation can provide additional information on raingardens or conservation landscaping.
The National Wildlife Federation manages the Sacred Grounds program and provides funds for plants. They are interested in learning more about your interests for improving our environment. When you select "Yes", we will send your email address to them.
Do you have any comments, questions, or ideas for how to make this program a success?
Check all that apply.
Enter the source where you heard about the Native Plant Pledge
Sacred Grounds Organizations working together: NWF, Oseh Shalom, PG County, IPL, CB, Dept of Env, Friends of Sligo Creek. Trust,
Fri, January 28 2022 26 Shevat 5782