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Event Registration

Use this online form to register your new event on the Oseh calendar and request event support and marketing needs.
To change an existing event on the Oseh Calendar, use Oseh Event Update Form
Oseh members should login at top right. When logged in, shulcloud will fill in parts of the form for you.
Enter the name of your event as you want it to appear on the Calendar. Keep the event name to 30 characters or less.
Describe your event in 50 words or less. This text is used to promote your event.
Here are some references that can support your event planning.
Events held at the synagogue may need some time to set up. Put in the time that you think you will arrive to set up.
Events held at the synagogue may need time to clean up after the event ends. Enter the time you think you will finish cleaning up.
First name of event contact person
Last name
Preferred phone number

Choose all the committees or groups that are sponsoring this event.
Enter the committee or group sponsoring event not in list
You can upload a maximum of 2 files.
This is an optional field that allows you to provide one or two files that support your event, like an advertising flyer or jpeg photo, or a room set-up plan.
Events that are at Oseh Shalom, inside or outside, or Hybrid Zoom events require Setup Plans. Submit Setup Plans as soon as possible and no later than 2 days before the event.
For events involving Zoom, you must indicate the support needed from Oseh Shalom.
Please provide the Zoom URL when using your own Zoom account, otherwise, Oseh will provide one.
Room needed for events in Oseh building.
Note rooms not listed or outside space you plan to use.
Identify the support needed for your event. Check all that apply.
Choose the marketing support needed. Calendar only or broad support.
Publicize broadly includes the following:
  • Enews Events Email - advertised for 2 weeks before event
  • EBlast - dedicated email sent 1 week before event
  • Shalom Bi-Monthly Newsletter
Publicizing an event to external organizations is decided by the Office. These include
  • Jewish Federation of Howard County Calendar
  • Jewish Federation of Greater Washington Calendar
  • Jewish Federation of Baltimore Calendar
Upload promotional materials and graphics using this form or the event update form.
Materials can be emailed to also.
Call the Oseh Shalom Administrator at 301-498-5151 x101 to discuss sizes or types of graphics.
Describe the support needed. For example, let us know when you need portable microphone or other items for your event.
There is a maximum of 2000 characters for this field. Spaces and punctuation count as characters.
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